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Version 1.41 (28NOV2001)
The SMR Calculator now displays SMR Null Value
PAMCOMP sometimes crashes during displaying a main file, if there is not enough memory to display the data. This happens only if there are a lot of records (usually more then 50.000). PAMCOMP will now - for the meantime - display the maximum number of records which are possible according to your RAM. The next version will fix the bug completely.


Version 1.40 (13NOV2001)
There is a new layout for the results, called now Reports. These reports can be saved as RTF or ASCII file or printed out directly. Furthermore you can specify a heading for reports of a PAMCOMP file.
You can now specify which results of a SMR calculation you want to export into a different file format.
Expected numbers and death rate will be reported despite there are no observed deaths. 
Unnecessary question on exiting PAMCOMP if you want to save the file is now removed.


Version 1.30 (02JUL2001)
PAMCOMP can now compute exact, byar, chi-square, square root and wald confidence limits of a SMR.
A new SMR Calculator is implemented, which is able to compute the SMR and confidence limits from given observed and expected deaths.
The user can now choose the null value of a SMR (SMR=1 or SMR=100)
Due to above changes the PAMCOMP file format has changed, but it is possible to import PAMCOMP files from prior versions
Cancelling the TABLE SAVE AS... dialog will no longer result into a termination of PAMCOMP
The file dialog box while importing main or rate files names does no longer promts the incorrect file type Access, f.i. Access (*.xls) instead of Excel (*.xls)
PAMCOMP will no longer crash if you rename a project and the new project name starts with a blank or number
Self-defined calendar classes now working
PAMCOMP files generated under country settings like English will no longer report rubbish if you load them on a computer where the country setting is German and vice versa, due to different decimal separator representation in both languages
Version 1.22 (25SEP2000)
It was not possible to import Access databases in v1.21. This error has been fixed now.
The size of the navigator window will now be saved for the next session.
Version 1.21 (21JUN2000)
Version 1.21 fixes following bug: In some circumstances PAMCOMP will crash with error 30009 "The specified row value is invalid". This happens if you select the person-years or death distribution table.
Version 1.20 (02JUN2000)
Importing of data files via ODBC is now implemented. This will allow users to import f.i. files from the SAS®-System.
PAMCOMP licence has been updated
Version 1.10 (24NOV1999)
Person-years computation is now much, much, much, much faster, due to incorporating the algorithm into a Windows® DLL, which is written in Visual C++® 6.0.
Renaming and deleting of projects possible.
Results can now copied into the clipboard.
Moved to Visual Studio Service Pack 3
The crashing of PAMCOMP if the expected number of deaths equals 0 is solved.
Version 1.0 (24JUN1999)
Initial release

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